“The Aventures of Cormac Payne!” is a GURPS Cliffhangers campaign. Set in the 1930s, it follows the adventures of Cormac Payne (obviously!), an American ‘collector of rare antiquities’ who is living in Europe, as well as Eva Wehrenberg, a young science prodigy. Upcoming sessions will also feature Alexander Ferrer, a scientist with a terrible invention that could change the world.

I got the idea to do a Thirties campaign in the middle of an Indiana Jones marathon. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Second World War and that time period, and a common complaint I’ve had is that some Gamemasters pick subject material where their players obviously know far more. Since I’m pretty knowledgeable on the Thirties/Forties era, it was a natural. We decided to use GURPS because of both the Cliffhangers supplement and because it’s a system I want to learn. (I eventually want to do a medieval Japan campaign and did not like the Lot5R system)

We do two-hour online sessions weekly, the transcripts of which are posted under Adventure Log.

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The Adventures of Cormac Payne!

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