The Adventures of Cormac Payne!

Adventure 2, Session 1

Pittsburgh, 1933 (Day 1)

OK, then let’s begin… Someone is attacking you.

This is the prequal, right?

Yes, and somebody just whalloped you pretty hard in the face


Where am I?

You don’t know, but there is a bright light shining in your face. WHAM! Again in the face.

Think. Think! How did I get here. “Ouch”

The hit was surprisingly soft…

“Wake up!”

“What? Honey? Is that you? I had the most horrible dream.” Open my eyes and hope I see something happy

Your wife is standing above you with a pillow. “Honey, you have to get up or you’ll be late for work!”

Get up, start getting ready “Sorry. Sorry. Right. Work. I have to give them back their tests. I hate this part. I mean, the ones that try do well enough, but then the others…”
“Do I have time for breakfast?”

“Of course, but didn’t you say you had to go see Dr. Kohout first thing today?”

Smacks his head with his hand "Oh. right. But with the quantum nebulizer you should be able to heat something up pretty quickly, right? How has that been working out? I mean, other than eggs. The eggs were a mes when we tried them.

She smiles… “Sweetie, the last time I tried using it we set the kitchen on fire!”

BESHEER 9:30 pm
Alexander chuckles "True… but I think I got the kinks worked out. Anyway, I’ll just have something for the road and then head over to see Dr. K
Chuckles “you know, he hates it when I say that”

JUSTIN 9:30 pm
You sit down in the kitchen for a nice breakfast of ham and eggs… Your character does eat ham, right? :)

BESHEER 9:31 pm
lol. sure

JUSTIN 9:31 pm
Your wife has the radio on, playing a Buck Rogers serial.

BESHEER 9:33 pm
“You know, buck rogers is nice, but I really hope things are better in the future than they say.
They don’t even have quantum nebulizers

JUSTIN 9:33 pm
“Quiet sweetie, I want to see if Princess Elthana can defuse the Hydro-X Bomb.”

BESHEER 9:35 pm
“Of course she…” Alex trails off and goes back to eating

JUSTIN 9:35 pm
There’s the sound of an explosion on the radio. “I guess not…”

JUSTIN 9:36 pm
“Oh, before I forget, I have to go to the market today. Did you need anything?”

BESHEER 9:37 pm
Alex stands and kisses his wife on the head “No. I’m sure you’ll get whatever we need. I should get going though. See you tonight.”

JUSTIN 9:37 pm
“Bye bye!”

JUSTIN 9:37 pm
Dr. Daniel Kohout, your boss, works over at Duquense University. It’s a short walk to his lab.

BESHEER 9:38 pm
I grab my notes, straighten my tie and head over

JUSTIN 9:39 pm
Nothing interesting happens on the way there. Dr. Kohout’s lab is in the basement of the Science Department, down a long winding staircase. As you head down, you see the lights flicker and hear a loud electrical sound.

BESHEER 9:40 pm
normal, I assume.

JUSTIN 9:41 pm
You also hear what sounds like squawking. And it smells like someone’s cooking chicken.

BESHEER 9:42 pm
Chicken! Wait, I already had breakfast.Anyway, head over to the office

JUSTIN 9:43 pm
“Dr. Ferrer, is that you?” a heavily accented voice calls out from inside.

BESHEER 9:44 pm
Alex heads and opens the door dramatically “Yep. Dr K., it is I!”

JUSTIN 9:45 pm
Make a Perception roll

BESHEER 9:48 pm

JUSTIN 9:50 pm
OK, so you beat your Perception by a few points. It looks like a tornado has hit the lab, which given its normal level of disarry is saying something. There are several cages with chickens in them, which would also explain the smell. Dr. Kohout, an eastern-European fellow with a thick mop of hair, is chasing one around the room.
“Dr. Ferrer, please give me a hand! These birds are smarter than I thought!”

BESHEER 10:13 pm
Alex laughs and takes a moment to survey the scene… then grabs a cage and moves to catch the chicken running from the Dr. tactics roll? vs a chicken? oh. or traps. I can build a chicken trap

JUSTIN 10:14 pm
Let’s say a Dexterity roll

BESHEER 10:15 pm
fail. I got an 11, need a 10
would have succeeded in my chicken trap construction though

JUSTIN 10:17 pm
Well, at least you only miss catching the chicken and don’t do any actual damage. The chicken, in its zeal to escape, flies towards a rack of test tubes. “NOT MY SULFURIC ACID COLLECTION!”

BESHEER 10:17 pm
I think now is where I stop and build a chicken trap
what’s he got for bait?

JUSTIN 10:18 pm
Well, not sulfuric acid. As you ponder what kind of bait there is you hear glass breaking and a sizzling noise.

BESHEER 10:19 pm
“This is silly, running after a chicken. We should make it come to us…Now what to use for bait… Hey, what are you feeding them?”
Alex starts setting up his trap, while he waits for the good doctor to come to his senses and answer the question

JUSTIN 10:21 pm
“It’s just a damn chicken, not a Bengal Tiger! Now help me catch it!”

BESHEER 10:21 pm
sigh “This is silly” Alex declares as he picks up his cage and tries again.
dex of 8
beats my 10

JUSTIN 10:22 pm
Perhaps the acid burned the chicken’s wings, or a simple acceptance of its fate, but it seems to have lost some of its zeal. You catch it easily. In all honesty, I was waiting for you to just draw your pistol and shoot it.

BESHEER 10:23 pm
I probably don’t even have a pistol right now
On my way to school

JUSTIN 10:25 pm
Dr. Kohout comes over to you and angrily snatches the cage out of your hand. “So, Mr. Chicken, who is laughing now?!?!”

BESHEER 10:26 pm
laugh “I am, Dr. K. In all seriousness, what’s all this about chickens anyway?”
And how did they get out?
Alex goes to inspect the cages as he talks

JUSTIN 10:27 pm
“I’m glad you asked Dr. Ferrer. I’m just finishing the final tests of the cosmalizer. I’ve tested it on two caged chickens with positive results, but wanted to remove the metal from the equation.”
Your eyes slowly wander over to a pair of semi-melted cages on the floor, with what looks like the world’s worst Thanksgiving turkeys inside them.

BESHEER 10:29 pm
nods “That might help… I guess we need another way to restrain them though. Mr. Chicken doesn’t seem to want to be cooked.” Alex’s eyes wander the lab, looking for something he can use to restrain a chicken besides metal.
Maybe a glass bowl?
Or some rope?

JUSTIN 10:30 pm
Perception roll.

BESHEER 10:30 pm
9. need a 15

JUSTIN 10:31 pm
You find some twine.
You manage to truss up the chicken decently enough, and for good measure break its wings too.

BESHEER 10:32 pm
I tie a little hoop and hand offer the rope to Dr K. “Would you like to do the honors?”

JUSTIN 10:33 pm
Dr. Kohout picks up the chicken and moves it over to an area of the lab that has been cleared of furniture and is completely barren. He puts it on top of a somewhat charred “X” on the floor.

JUSTIN 10:34 pm
He walks over to his desk and picks up a long metal tube with various switches and dials, plugged into a generator. “Dr. Ferrer, I give you the cosmalizer!”
You’re blinded by a bright flash. All you hear is a ZZZZZZAAAAAAAAP, followed by a loud sqwak. When you open your eyes, there’s a burned carcas on the floor.

BESHEER 10:37 pm
nods approvingly Seems to have worked. Didn’t even start a fire

JUSTIN 10:38 pm
“I’m glad you were here to witness this, the day when mankind made warfare itself obsolete!”

BESHEER 10:40 pm
shrugs “Warfare? I guess. More importantly, we can cook a chicken in seconds.” muttering as he pokes at the chicken “Probably want to cook it a little slower. Parts of it are burned”

JUSTIN 10:42 pm
“Cooking chickens is just one of its many qualities. In the hands of a skilled police officer, a bank robber fleeing a crime scene wouldn’t be able to make it three steps before this device melted him to the sidewalk. I’m planning on marketing it as a law enforcement tool, by the way.”
He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a crumpled piece of paper.

BESHEER 10:42 pm
wait… we’re not in the middle of fighting a war, are we?

JUSTIN 10:43 pm
“A war against crime, Dr. Ferrer. Capone was just the beginning, unless we give our boys in blue something to match the firepower that the gangsters are using.”

BESHEER 10:43 pm
nods “I could definitely see that. Though probably would want to modify the waves a little in order to stun rather than cook” Alex wanders to a chalkboard and starts working out formulas

JUSTIN 10:44 pm
“Perhaps we can fix that in a future model. We’re unfortunately at the point where we need to start selling these things or the university is going to cut our funding. Luckily I was able to find a buyer today. How soon can you be ready to leave?”

BESHEER 10:45 pm
blinks “A buyer? Already? Who?”

JUSTIN 10:47 pm
Dr. Kohout hands you the paper, which turns out to be a telegram. “I got this this morning from a fellow called ‘Gunter Janek’. He claims to be representing a major European government and was interested in seeing the cosmalizer demonstrated before making a purchase.”

BESHEER 10:48 pm
relaxes “That’s fine, unless it’s the Germans. I’m not selling to Germans.”
Did we offer it to /this/ government?

JUSTIN 10:48 pm
Well obviously, the Reichsmark is worthless!

BESHEER 10:49 pm
You know, they get touchy about that sort of thing.
Alex starts packing things up for the demo as he talks

JUSTIN 10:49 pm
Dr. Kohout continues: “Janek’s telegram says he’s in Chicago for the next two weeks attending the Worlds Fair. I’d like you to get on a train today and go meet him.”

BESHEER 10:50 pm
nods “You’ll have to see to my classes. Anna will love to see the fair though. Wasn’t sure if we’d be able to make it this year”

JUSTIN 10:51 pm
“Hell, take her. The university’s paying either way.”

BESHEER 10:52 pm
smiles “Quite so. What time is the train? I’ll need to pack up.”
OOC: would I have a phone at home?

JUSTIN 10:52 pm
That’s a bit expensive in this day and age, so I’m going to say no.
“There’s an express leaving around 6pm, so you should have plenty of time to catch it. Go home and pack and I’ll get this thing ready for travel.”

BESHEER 10:55 pm
Alex opens up his briefcase and pulls out some papers “I’ll drop these off in the office. Spent half the night grading them.”

JUSTIN 10:56 pm
Dr. Kohout is already unplugging the cosmalizer and dissassembling it. “OK, I’ll see you whenever you’re ready to leave.”

BESHEER 10:56 pm
Alex heads home, with a stop in the office

JUSTIN 10:56 pm
Unless you want to play it out, we can just end the session now and start the next one in Chicago.

BESHEER 10:57 pm
Sounds good.



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