The Adventures of Cormac Payne!

Adventure 1.5, Session 6

Amsterdam, 1932 (Day 2/3)

JUSTIN 3:24 pm
When we last left off, Cormac was going to go off and formulate his plan while Captain Drees took the two imposters into custody.
That leaves you at the bar in the Hotel Europa with Radichenko and the mysterious figure Scott ffolliott.

STEPH 3:24 pm

and Eva was talking to Radichenko in the bar area and trying her best to set up job contacts

JUSTIN 3:25 pm

STEPH 3:26 pm

Also, I think I just told Mr Ffolliott that I didn’t want to go anywhere alone with him to talk.
Ooh and there was screaming in the hotal somewhere.

JUSTIN 3:26 pm
you did, as well as convincing him that you didn’t know Cormac

STEPH 3:27 pm

Forgot about that.

STEPH 3:27 pm

I’m not sure where to go from here. I figured with all the commotion that we would have headed toward cormac’s room

JUSTIN 3:27 pm
The screaming was from Cormac’s hallway interrogation of the two imposters
However the police arrived and took them into custody
Well, you’ve got Radichenko and ffolliott in the bar, Mr. Decker the hotel manager, who is somewhat annoyed at all the heavily-armed men in his hotel, your father who is probably wondering where you are right about now, and Cormac’s mysterious bird statue, not to mention the kidnapped/disappeared Van Meer.

STEPH 3:29 pm

My problem is that we were waiting for him and I don’t know how to work this if Chrsitian’s character isn’t here. Cause I thin kthat’s is where she would have headed.
Also, I odn’t know about the statue

JUSTIN 3:29 pm
Cormac’s essentially on his own program right now, unless you want to follow him into his room ;-)

STEPH 3:29 pm

I guess I could she could try to find a phone in the lobby.

JUSTIN 3:31 pm
On his way upstairs, Cormac comes by and fills you two in on his plan, and what the interrogation of the two imposters revealed.
(You can review the log for the last session if you want:

STEPH 3:31 pm

I remember it.

JUSTIN 3:31 pm
And there is a phone at the conciege’s desk.

STEPH 3:32 pm

“Can I please have a call to this number transferred over to one of the phone booths?”

JUSTIN 3:32 pm
“Ov course madam” the concierge replies in accented english.

STEPH 3:33 pm

I will go to whichever booth he mentions.

JUSTIN 3:33 pm
There are two booths off to the side. He motions to the left one.

STEPH 3:33 pm

Okay then that is where I will be.

JUSTIN 3:33 pm
Are you expecting or making a call?

STEPH 3:34 pm

Making. I gave him the number.

JUSTIN 3:34 pm
OK. Who is it the number to?

STEPH 3:34 pm

Her fahter

JUSTIN 3:34 pm
“Eva, my darling, what’s going on? Are you two all right? It’s getting late now.”

STEPH 3:35 pm

“How well do you know Mr. Payne?”

JUSTIN 3:35 pm
“I just met him yesterday. Remember that Italian fellow Fabian, the one with all the art galleries? He’s a friend of his and Fabian asked me to look out for him while he was here.”

STEPH 3:37 pm

“We are fine by the way. So just so I’m clear. You left me with a man who had been wounded in a fight, and you had only just met him? Are you in some kind of trouble?”

STEPH 3:38 pm

JUSTIN 3:38 pm
“No, it’s just we’re working on some new naval agreement with the Dutch and I forgot I had to meet them this afternoon. Aside from the shirt he didn’t seem that bad… well, he said he was fine at any rate.”

STEPH 3:38 pm

“I’m sorry to be so blunt but I cannot think of any other reason that you would do this.”

JUSTIN 3:39 pm
“I owe Fabian a big one from way back and absolutely promised him to take care of Cormac. I’m sorry dear, but I couldn’t be in two places at once.”

STEPH 3:39 pm

“I was afraid that you were in worse trouble than this man seemed and did not want me mixed up in that.”

JUSTIN 3:39 pm
“Are you in trouble?!?! What’s going on?!?!”

STEPH 3:40 pm

“What if they saw my face father? What if the men who were looking for him are looking for me?”

JUSTIN 3:40 pm
“Who is ‘they’?”

STEPH 3:40 pm

“Ther’s a man, Ffolliot, who had been following us all day. He approached me this evening wanting to talk in private about Mr. Payne.”
“They is the men who keep turing up to take him someplace or get something that he had.”

JUSTIN 3:42 pm
“Where are you calling from?”

STEPH 3:42 pm

“The phone booth in the lobby at ’ …” Hotel."

JUSTIN 3:43 pm

STEPH 3:43 pm

can’t remember the name of the hotel.

JUSTIN 3:43 pm
Make an IQ check

STEPH 3:43 pm

‘….’ hotel

JUSTIN 3:43 pm
or PER, whichever you want

STEPH 3:43 pm


JUSTIN 3:43 pm
was it IQ or PER?

STEPH 3:44 pm


JUSTIN 3:45 pm
was it IQ or PER?

STEPH 3:45 pm

PER. and they’re both the same.

JUSTIN 3:46 pm
I know, but it’s the difference between recalling and observing. OK, you obviously pass. You look around the lobby and see a sign that says “Hotel Europa”.

STEPH 3:46 pm

That’s what I tell him

JUSTIN 3:46 pm
“That’s just downtown. I’ll be there in half an hour to get you!”

STEPH 3:47 pm

“Wait, what about Cormac?…err Mr. Payne? He is still trying to figure all of this out.”

JUSTIN 3:48 pm
“I’ll deal with Mr. Payne! Right now your safety is my main concern!”

STEPH 3:48 pm

“Okay. I’ll say good evening to my new friend and I will meet you in the lobby.”

JUSTIN 3:49 pm
OK. Do you want to do anything else while you’re waiting?

STEPH 3:49 pm

I want to go say goodbye to Radichenko. Did Cormac leave?
I’d lso like to say goodbye to him and let him know that my father is coming to the hotel.

JUSTIN 3:51 pm
He was talking with Radichenko when you returned.

JUSTIN 3:52 pm
He said he would stick around to speak with your father, but otherwise he was going to do some serious drinking … er, thinking and work on his deception plan tomorrow.

STEPH 3:52 pm

“Gentlemen. I’m afraid that I will have to leave you. And before you say anything Mr. Payne I think it will be okay for us to split up if my father is the one coming to pick me up.”

JUSTIN 3:53 pm
He agrees and says if you’re still up for helping him to meet him here tomorrow night.
He also, almost as an afterthought, gives you the bird statue and asks if you can figure out what it is.

STEPH 3:54 pm

“Very well then. Goodevening. Mr Radichencko, please take my calling card.” She smiles at him
Also, she takes the statue.

JUSTIN 3:54 pm
“Of course Miss Wehrenberg. I do hope we meet again” he says with a big toothy smile.

STEPH 3:55 pm

“It would be my pleasure.”
Was anyone watching Cormac handing the statue off to me?

JUSTIN 3:56 pm
Make a PER roll

STEPH 3:56 pm

I rolled an 11

JUSTIN 3:57 pm
Well, the bar is getting pretty crowded by now. After all the comotion, people are naturally thirsty. However, you don’t see anyone looking.

STEPH 3:57 pm

I’ll casually put it in my purse.

JUSTIN 3:57 pm

STEPH 3:58 pm

I’ll have a look at it later.

JUSTIN 3:58 pm

STEPH 3:58 pm

Going to the lobby to wait for my father to pick me up.

JUSTIN 3:58 pm
OK, he eventually shows up

STEPH 3:58 pm

How does he look?

JUSTIN 3:58 pm
“Where is he?”

STEPH 3:59 pm

“Everything is okay. I promise. I don’t think any of this was his fault. If anything I think that it is Van Meer who is at fault.”

JUSTIN 4:00 pm
“Where is he?!?!”

STEPH 4:00 pm

“In the hotel talking with a friend.”

JUSTIN 4:00 pm
“Stay here… I’ll be right back.”

STEPH 4:00 pm

“Really nice man actually, I may ask him for a job.”
“No please. Let’s just go.”

JUSTIN 4:01 pm
Do you want to make a roll on this?

STEPH 4:01 pm

Yes. What should I roll?

JUSTIN 4:02 pm
That works.

STEPH 4:02 pm

I rolled 9 I have 14

STEPH 4:02 pm

Way to go high INT

JUSTIN 4:03 pm
He rolled a 5, with an IQ of 12

STEPH 4:03 pm

Sorry Christian

JUSTIN 4:04 pm
His features soften a little. “My dear, I just want to talk to him.”

STEPH 4:04 pm

“I just don’t want to be left alone too long.”

JUSTIN 4:04 pm
With a look of almost-resignation he says, “You can come too if you want.”

STEPH 4:05 pm

“Please. I’ll make sure to keep the bag along as well.”

JUSTIN 4:05 pm

STEPH 4:05 pm

Sorry that last bit was for you

JUSTIN 4:05 pm

STEPH 4:05 pm

she didn’t say it
So yeah she follows him

JUSTIN 4:06 pm
Well, I’m not going to play out a whole scene with Christian not here. Let’s just say your father goes in there and expresses in very descriptive terms what will happen to Cormac if anything should happen to you.

STEPH 4:06 pm

I figured

JUSTIN 4:06 pm
However he does it in a nicer way that he probably would have if you were not there.

STEPH 4:06 pm


JUSTIN 4:07 pm
If there’s nothing else he’s ready to leave.

STEPH 4:07 pm

She’s ready too.

JUSTIN 4:07 pm
OK, he drives you to the house where you two are living. It’s a nice older looking house, with good running water and decent electricity.

STEPH 4:08 pm

On the ride home I want to start inspecting the statue.

JUSTIN 4:08 pm
Was there anything in particular you wanted to do for the rest of the evening?
I should warn you it’s dark out now, and I’ll throw a bunch of penalties for trying to inspect a statue in the dark in a moving vehicle.

STEPH 4:08 pm

What should I rool? Snthro or History?

STEPH 4:08 pm


JUSTIN 4:08 pm

STEPH 4:09 pm


JUSTIN 4:09 pm
I’d say generic IQ, since neither of those really apply

STEPH 4:09 pm

I’d say its a safe bet that she doesn’t get anything from it.

JUSTIN 4:10 pm

JUSTIN 4:11 pm
Well, it’s definitely primitive art, but you don’t really specialize in this sort of thing.

STEPH 4:11 pm

It won’t let me look at it.

JUSTIN 4:11 pm
Try again

STEPH 4:12 pm

got it.

STEPH 4:14 pm

I think miss Eva will need to make herself some food when she gets home. I can’t remember either of us ever eating.

JUSTIN 4:14 pm
That sort of thing happens “off-camera”, along with toiletry usage. :-)

STEPH 4:14 pm

Oh, I was not aware.
No one tells me anything.

JUSTIN 4:15 pm
Only becomes an issue if you’re not in ‘civilization’

JUSTIN 4:16 pm
So if there’s nothing else you can go to sleep and resume your activities the next day.

STEPH 4:16 pm

Well my plan is to find out more information on this statue thing. I’ll commit all of the little details (once in the light) to memory. I will keep it on me but I don’t want to take it out in public.

JUSTIN 4:16 pm
OK, make an IQ roll to see how well you study the statue.

STEPH 4:16 pm

And yes she will be researching the following day.

JUSTIN 4:17 pm
OK, you do a pretty-good job memorizing it. If you want, you can even have a little sketch of it drawn to take around with you.

STEPH 4:17 pm

No thank you. I don’t want to take the chance of someone seeing a sketch. One less thing to lose.

JUSTIN 4:17 pm
Well, I see again you have a photographic memory, so it shouldn’t matter

STEPH 4:18 pm

I was just about to say that.

JUSTIN 4:18 pm
I’m still learning your characters…

STEPH 4:18 pm

I know.
Also, before I forget she is also going to check out a book to learn dutch.

JUSTIN 4:19 pm
Well, the next day comes bright and early. Your father has to go to work, as usual, and gives you a stern warning about being careful while Mr. Payne is in town.
We can add that to your itinerary.

STEPH 4:20 pm

How close do they live to a library. A good library.

JUSTIN 4:20 pm
By foot, by bike, or by car?

STEPH 4:20 pm

by foot
I don;t think she drives.

JUSTIN 4:21 pm
That’s never stopped most women I know.
OK, by foot it’s about 90 minutes walking

STEPH 4:21 pm

Yeah but I am assuming that there is only one car for there family
Yarg. WOuld they have a bicycyle?

JUSTIN 4:22 pm
Oh there is, but most people at this time have bicycles

STEPH 4:22 pm

Tgere we go. Biking then.

JUSTIN 4:22 pm
I’d say more like half an hour by bike

STEPH 4:22 pm

I have ride equines. How much different could it be :)

JUSTIN 4:22 pm
I thought you also had the Bicycling Skill. Did you drop it?

STEPH 4:22 pm

Never had it

JUSTIN 4:23 pm
Weird. Can you e-mail me a new character sheet then, because the one I have of you has it.
It’s a DX skill

STEPH 4:23 pm

I thought it would be with ride but apparently I’m just not as observant as my character.
Bad memory too.
Rolled 9 on the dot

JUSTIN 4:24 pm
You and your character are VERY different. I can’t help but notice your character hasn’t walked into any walls either.
OK then, you can at do a basic right over good terrain.

STEPH 4:24 pm

Or stubbed her toe or recently fractured her wrist while fighting. Yeah totally different

JUSTIN 4:25 pm
No large dogs around to drag her into walls or through houses either

STEPH 4:25 pm


JUSTIN 4:25 pm
So yeah, you can ride a bike

STEPH 4:26 pm

That’s the plan of the day then. Full research mode.

JUSTIN 4:27 pm
OK, you go to the library and check out a book on the Dutch language.

JUSTIN 4:27 pm
You can also make a roll on research (IQ)

STEPH 4:27 pm

I have research. I rolled antoehr 9

JUSTIN 4:27 pm
Sorry, IQ-5

STEPH 4:27 pm

Woot woot!
IQ – 1

JUSTIN 4:28 pm
My GURPS Lite says it’s -5. Either way you pass.

STEPH 4:28 pm

Unless it’s because it’s in antoehr language
*another I can’t type either

JUSTIN 4:28 pm
Boy, I hadn’t even thought of that. Do you have any other languages?

STEPH 4:29 pm

No. That was a character quirk. Even though she learned all this other cool stuff in school she never learned any other languages.
Just wasn;t any time.

JUSTIN 4:29 pm
Not even Latin?

STEPH 4:29 pm

Strange quirk huh?

JUSTIN 4:30 pm
Wow… I’m trying to figure out the penalty for doing research in a Dutch library without actually speaking or reading Dutch

STEPH 4:30 pm

I guess with that you could make it inus five since I would have to look up anyhting that wasn’t in english.

STEPH 4:31 pm

I’m sure I could make use of one of the librarians. They’re librarians oen of them should be able to speak a little english

JUSTIN 4:32 pm
Oh yes. I’ll fold that into your roll. What kind of books are you looking for exactly?

STEPH 4:35 pm

Lost civilzation (rumors) in africa, know civilizations that existed, waring tribes, tombs, oh and anything written by Van Meer on the subject of Africa. I’mm looking for journals, academic papers, and books!

JUSTIN 4:37 pm
Hmmm… those are a little specialized for here. She thinks and after a while recommends either the Amsterdam Museum or the Central Library.

STEPH 4:38 pm

How far of a bike ride would that be?

JUSTIN 4:38 pm
About 2 hours

STEPH 4:39 pm

Yikes. Could I catch a taxi fro the house?
or call one?

JUSTIN 4:39 pm
Yes, your father gives you enough money to get around

STEPH 4:40 pm

I guess I will just have to get a cab then. Central library

JUSTIN 4:40 pm
OK, about three hours later your taxi pulls up to the Central Library.

STEPH 4:41 pm

Oh my gosh. I’m gonna learn so much reading on the ride back.
I’ll find another english speaking libarian and tell her the same thing.]

JUSTIN 4:41 pm
Oh whoops. It was only 90 minutes. My bad.

STEPH 4:42 pm

Its cool

JUSTIN 4:42 pm
OK, make an IQ roll.

STEPH 4:43 pm


JUSTIN 4:45 pm
You find several academic journals written by Van Meer, one of which is in English

STEPH 4:46 pm

Woot. What is it about?

JUSTIN 4:47 pm
“A Treatise on the Myths and Legends of Negro Cultures”

STEPH 4:47 pm

Yes. I shall check that out.

STEPH 4:47 pm

Out of the library I mean

JUSTIN 4:47 pm

STEPH 4:48 pm

Did I find anyhting on mythical african civilzations?

JUSTIN 4:48 pm
Make a PER roll

STEPH 4:48 pm

another 9

JUSTIN 4:48 pm
There are several sections in the book on it.
When you’re checking it out, an older man next to you leans over and asks “Why are you checking out that particular book?”

STEPH 4:50 pm

“I heard about all the commotion yesterday and he sounded so interesting! I thought I would have a look at what his lecture would have been on.”

JUSTIN 4:50 pm
“Oh so you were attending the lecture?” He seems to be studying your face now.

STEPH 4:50 pm

So what should I roll to lie?

JUSTIN 4:51 pm
Unless you have a specific lying skill, I’d go with PER

STEPH 4:51 pm

“No, unfortunately I couldn’t attend. How about you. Were you able to go?”
I’ve got diplomacy but I odn’t think that will work. I rolled 13

JUSTIN 4:53 pm
He pauses, a bit of a look on his face. “No, I did not go. Those things do not interest me very much.”

STEPH 4:53 pm

“Oh. Well then what made you notcie the book?”

JUSTIN 4:54 pm
“Forget I asked. Good-bye” He drops his stack of books on the counter and walks out. “Wait sir! You forgot your books!” the librarian calls out.

STEPH 4:55 pm

What books did he have?

STEPH 4:55 pm

“Did he alread ycheck these out?”

JUSTIN 4:56 pm
“I was just making him a card so he could.” the librarian says.

STEPH 4:57 pm

“What was his name, he didn’t tell me, then I smiled and he ran out quick as you can.”

JUSTIN 4:58 pm
She looks at his card. “Max Ekéus.”
Because you have a photographic memory, you remember Cormac gave you that name last night.

STEPH 4:59 pm

“If you give me his address and the card I would be glad to deliver the books on my way home.”
thank you
Was he one of the men who attacked cormac in the hallway?

JUSTIN 5:00 pm
153 Provincialeweg in Uitgeest
No, Cormac told you that those two men were working for a man called Ekéus.

STEPH 5:02 pm

“Well is that everything he was checking out? Oh, and his card?”

JUSTIN 5:02 pm
“Oh yes, thank you very much.” the librarian says.

STEPH 5:02 pm

“Not a problem miss.”

STEPH 5:03 pm

Did I get my Dutch phrase book/ Teach yourself dutch book?

JUSTIN 5:03 pm
Yes, you’ve got it. Of course the fact that you’ve spent some time living in Holland means as soon as you can spend character points you can snap it up cheap.

STEPH 5:04 pm

Yeah I know. I just didn’t want to cheese it. So I figured a phrase book would be the best thing for it.
You know I’m taking all these books home with me right?

JUSTIN 5:04 pm
Well, yeah, obviously.

STEPH 5:05 pm

Actually I’m having the taxi take me back to the hotel. I want to speak with Cormac right away.

JUSTIN 5:06 pm
Cormac said he was going to be out all day working on his plan. He was pretty vague on the details.
But roll PER anyways.

STEPH 5:06 pm


JUSTIN 5:07 pm
Outside of the library you see Ekéus standing on the street also hailing a cab.

STEPH 5:08 pm

OKay. I’m not Cormac I’m not gonna say follow that cab!

JUSTIN 5:08 pm
Make a curiosity roll…

STEPH 5:08 pm


JUSTIN 5:08 pm
Don’t put down Disadvantages unless you’re willing to have them activated. :-)

STEPH 5:09 pm

I know.

JUSTIN 5:09 pm
You feel compelled to follow the cab

STEPH 5:09 pm

I figured that would be the only reason she’d hang out with a fella like Cormac in the first place.
I hail a cab as well.

JUSTIN 5:09 pm
You get one pretty easy.

STEPH 5:10 pm

“Could you please follow that cab, but stay far enough back that they don’t know you are following them.”

JUSTIN 5:10 pm
The cab driver agrees and you set off after Ekéus.

STEPH 5:11 pm

Where are they headed?

JUSTIN 5:11 pm
Out of town, but you’re not sure where.
You do notice when they pass the spot alongside a dirt road where you and your father found Cormac yesterday.

JUSTIN 5:12 pm
You travel through several other small towns and a bunch of fields.

STEPH 5:12 pm

I’ll keep on them then. At least until they slam on the breaks or it looks like he is stopping to get out at a safe house. I want to make note of any address and see if it matches up or maybe even if he has a home and a family;.

JUSTIN 5:13 pm
Nothing matches up yet

STEPH 5:14 pm

Alright. Well at the very least I can keep on this guy.

JUSTIN 5:14 pm
All of a sudden your driver stops the cab. He turns and looks at you with a confused look on his face. “Where they go?”

STEPH 5:14 pm

Can I make a per roll?

JUSTIN 5:14 pm

STEPH 5:14 pm

If they have some Loony Tunes fake backdrp I’m gonna be so mad.

JUSTIN 5:16 pm
You’re on an elevated road in the middle of several fields. There are a few windmills nearby by you don’t see anyone standing outside of them. Up in the air a plane in lazily circling around.

STEPH 5:17 pm

Time to leave. I’ll make note of the area, again. “We can leave. Thank you for coming all this way.”

JUSTIN 5:17 pm
You could swear one of the windmill blades is going the wrong way, though

STEPH 5:17 pm

Are you using curious again?

JUSTIN 5:17 pm
You have high perception and are naturally curious. You’re pretty-much doomed. :-)

STEPH 5:18 pm


JUSTIN 5:18 pm
I’m amazed you’ve even survived this long.

STEPH 5:18 pm

Do I get anothe roll or am I still feeling the effects of the last one?

JUSTIN 5:19 pm
You’re still on your mini-quest to follow Ekéus

STEPH 5:19 pm

Are there roads leading to these eindmills

JUSTIN 5:19 pm

STEPH 5:19 pm

Guess where we’re going?

JUSTIN 5:20 pm
The windmills are within walking distance, maybe only a few hundred yards away
but you can have your cab drive drop you off in front too

STEPH 5:21 pm

Okay “Do you mind waiting here for a moment? If anything happens please drive to this address and ask for Cormac Payne. Tell him where I am. I don;t know this man but I do want to return this to him.”

JUSTIN 5:22 pm
The cab driver agrees

STEPH 5:22 pm

Thank you. I’ll only be a moment
I’m walking over to the wrong windmill
Carrying the books

JUSTIN 5:23 pm
ok. you walk down the path. it’s still a little muddy but you make it down pretty easy. you come up to the main door.
it’s ajar

STEPH 5:24 pm

I’ll try to open it quietly

JUSTIN 5:24 pm
Do you have a roll for that?

STEPH 5:25 pm

I can blindly roll dex

JUSTIN 5:25 pm
It’s DX-5

STEPH 5:25 pm

It will not be pretty
DEX of 9 (4) I rolled 11

JUSTIN 5:27 pm Go to the 1:24 mark
I think that’s as good a note as any to end on.



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